Close Coupled Centrifugal Pump CALPEDA NM 32/12FE


Close-coupled centrifugal pump; electric motor with extended shaft directly connected to the pump up to 22 kW, new bracket construction for standard motors ( stub-shaft construction ) from 30 to 75 kW with integrated thrust bearing.

Pump casing with axial suction and radial delivery on top, main dimensions and performance according to EN 733.
NM(S): version with pump casing and lantern bracket in cast iron.
B-NM(S): version with pump casing and lantern bracket/casing cover in bronze.  ( the pumps are supplied fully painted ).
Connections: Flanges according to PN 10, EN 1092-2.
Counter-flanges ( on request ) : Screwed flanges EN 1092-1, PN 16.


For clean liquids without abrasives, which are non-aggressive for the pump materials ( solids content up to 0,2% ). For water supply.
For heating, air conditioning, cooling and circulation plants.
For civil and industrial applications.
For fire fighting applications.  For Irrigation.

Operating conditions

  • Liquid temperature from -10 °C to +90 °C.
  • Ambient temperature up to 40° C.
  • Total suction lift up to 7 m.
  • Maximum permissible working pressure up to 10 bar ( 16 bar for NM 32L/16,20; NM 40/16,20; NM 50/12,16; NM 65/12,16,20,25; NM80/16; NM 100/20).
  • Continuous duty.


  • 2-pole induction motor , 50 Hz ( n ≈ 2900 rpm ).
  • NM, NMS : three-phase 230/400 V ±10% up to 3 kW;
    400/690 V ±10% from 4 to 75 kW.
  • Insulation class F.            Protection IP 54 ( IP 55 for NMS ).
  • Motor suitable for operation with frequency converter from 1,1 kW.
  • Classification scheme IE3 for three-phase motors from 0,75 kW.
  • Constructed in accordance with : EN 60034-1; EN 60034-30-1.

The NM EI pumps are available with power from 0,55 kW up to 22 kW, the pumps are equipped with I-MAT installed on board which allows to realize a variable-speed system extremely compact and efficient, ideal in applications of water supply and in the distribution of hot and cold water.

Special feature on request

  • Other voltages.   – Frequency 60 Hz ( as per 60 Hz data sheet ).
  • Protection IP 55.  – Special mechanical seal.
  • Packed gland ( only for NM standard construction ).
  • Single-phase motor ( NMM ) up to 1,5 kW.
  • Higher or lower liquid or ambient temperatures.
  • Motor suitable for operation with frequency converter up to 0,75 kW.


  • Energy saving
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Programmable to suit the system requirements
  • Reliability.


The system comprises of:

  • Pump
  • Induction motor
  • I-MAT Frequency Converter
  • Motor adapter for the motor mounting of the frequency converter
  • Connection cable between frequency converter and induction motor
  • Transducers

Main Features

Rated motor power output from 0.55 kW to 22 kW
Control range from 1750 to 2900 rpm ( 2-pole )
Protection against dry running
Protection against operations with closed valve ports
Protection against system leakages
Protection against overcurrent in the motor
Protection against overvoltage and undervoltage of the power supply
Protection against current unbalances between phases.

Specifications :

  • Rated Motor Power Output :0.55 kw, 0.75 HP
  • 230 V
  • Weight : 27 kg


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