Suction Pump MCKARLEN MTS Series Stainless Steel Horizontal Multistage End

MTS pumps are non-selfpriming, m horizontal, multistage, centrifugal pumps.

Pump and motor are integrated in a compact and usefriendly design making the pumps suitable for installation in compact systems. The pump is fifted with a maintenance-free, mechanical shaft seal and through-going pump-motor shaft.

Fluid Temp. : 150C – 170C

Motor : 1/2 – 2 HP

pH Range : 6-8

Motor Rating : Class F, IP 55

Max. Pressure : 8Kg/cm2



  • Liquid transfer and circulation of liquids within light industry and farming.
  • Pressure boosting in single-pump and multi-pump booster systems.
  • Domestic water supply
  • Cooling systems
  • Air-conditioning systems.

Clean water : all watted surfaces that include pump casing, impeller, diffuser are all stainless 304. Silence new design Vortex Fan can reduce the noise.


Type Key

MTS : Pump Model

3 : Rated Flow, m3/hr

2 : Number of impeller

M : 1 Ph / 220 V

( T ) : 3 Ph / 380 V

Single-phase motors have built-in thermal overload protection.

Three-phase motors must be connected to a motor starter according to local regulations.







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