YANMAR Powered Generator YDG5001SE

Prime output rating:

  • Supplies electric power continuously at variable load.
  • No limitation to the annual hours of operation. and can supply 10% overload power for 1 hour ini 12 hours.
  • Conforms with SAE J816B continuous, DIN 6270, BS 5514 or 649 continuous & ISO 3046/I continuous power.

Standby output rating:

  • Supplies electricity during normal utility power failure at variable load.
  • No overload is permitted on this rating.
  • conform with SAE J816B intermittent, DIN 6270, BS 5514 or 649 on hours & ISO 3046/ 1 fuel stop power.

Engine output represent at ISO 3046, standard conditions:

  • Air temperature : 250C
  • Relative humidity : 30%
  • Barometric pressure : 750mmHG

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