YANMAR Powered Generator YSG15 S

One-Spot Control Station

Convenient and complete control of engine, generator and power flow, all from one location makes for easy operation and sure handling. All regular maintenance points are on the same side.


Protection Systems

Your power source is a self-protecting unit with autoshut down in the event of oil pressure drop or overheating.


Sure-save engine Design

With sophisticated yet practical features, the TN smallbore engine is the first of a new, durable breed of diesel power packs. It is not only save on fuel but also gives more service and operating stability.


Brush-free Exciter

The brushless exciter takes away a source of wear and the need for brush inspection and maintenance.


Ready-to-run installation

You can put a YSG genset almost anywhere without special foundation work. They are compact and light with all components mounted on a single bed. Special anti-vibration blocks can be fitted for even smoother running.



1. Engine output represents at ISO 3046, standard conditions

Air temperature    250C

Relative humidity  30%

Barometric pressure  750mmHG


2. Every Engine power rating represents net performance with accessories such as air cleaner, L.O.pump, C.W. pump, no load charging alternator, cooling fan ( radiator cooling type ) etc.

3. Prime power rating is applicable for supplying electric power continuosly, 10% overload is permissible for one hour. This rating conforms with SAE J816b continuous, DIN 6270A, BS 5514 or 649 continous and ISO 3046/1 continuous power. Standby power supplies electricity during normal utility power failure. No overload is permissible, and this rating is only permissible for one hour out of every ten. This rating conforms with SAE J816b intermitten, DIN 6270B, BS 5514 or 649 one hours and ISO 3046/1 fuel stop power.

4. Gnerator efficiecies show common figures at the appropriatie range in the market. The conversion factor used in the above specification table is as follows: 1 hp(metric)=0.7355kW Generator size based on type – AS for YSG15TH – YSG90TL.




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