Air Cleaner Honeywell F58G

Air Cleaner Honeywell F58G removes air bone contaminants such as tobacco smoke and dust from the air circulated. Compatible in AHU/RTU installations with multiple units for larger equipment and capacity up to 2.000 CFM/ individual unit. These EACs have a BMS signal output to notify operation abd cleaning requirements when necessary, providing a more efficient system. Retail, airport, dormitory, schools and other commercial spaces can meet their ventilation needs while ensuring better air quality for occupants.

Honeywell’s EACs can improve air quality by helping reduce the spread of airborne pathogens of 0.3 micron or larger within the air circulating through the building ventilation equipment with minimal pressure drop, low air flow resistance and more efficient fan operation.

FEATURES Of Air Cleaner Honeywell F58G :

  • Capacity to 2000 cfm (3400 m3/hr) per F58G unit, 1000 cfm (1700 m3/hr) per F58H unit.
  • Multiple units may be interconnected to form an array of air cleaners.
  • Solid-state power supply is self-regulating and maintains peak efficiency during a wide range of cell dirt-loading conditions.
  • Indicator lights signal proper operation and fault conditions.
  • May be connected to a building management system.
  • Relay closure occurs when fault occurs or when cells need cleaning.
  • Galvanized cabinet protects against rust.
  • Test button checks system operation.
  • Pre-filter screen protects cells from large dirt particles.

Technical Specification Of Air Cleaner Honeywell F58G :

  • No Of cells : 2 heavy duty commercial cells
  • Capacity : 2000 cfm (3400 m3/ hr)
  • Mounting : duct mounted
  • Housing : Galvanized steel cabinet with integral power supply
  • Include accessories : Cabinet, electronic air cleaning cells, prefilter, ON and CHECK indication, Solid state power supply, WASH indication, BMS interface.
  • Electrical ratings : 220-240 V 50 Hz
  • Operating Ambient : Not higher than 40 deg. F to 125 deg. F ( 4 deg. C to 52 deg. C )
Air Cleaner Honeywell F58G

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