Air Compressor SWAN HVU205N

Air Compressor SWAN HVU205N series are equipped with enforced lubricating system, and can be continuously running for 24 hours under loading condition.

Air Compressor SWAN HVU205N

  • Highly efficient and durable valve assemblies are provided through the use of special material treatments and high precision grinding processes
  • High quality and consistent components are maintained through the use of Numerically controlled machine centers which typically are capable of completing a finished surface in a single pass.
  • All metal surfaces on compressor units are prepared by initially shot blasting, followed by the application of powder coating to ensure you of a bright, durable and environmentally friendly surface protection
  • Product quality is guaranteed through the application of modern technology such as CAD/CAM which is used in all functions from product development, modelling and design, right through to the manufacturing process.

Air Compressor SWAN HVU205N has the following advantages :

  1. Effective Cooling fans design to highly reduce the compression temperature.
  2. Durable cast iron crankshaft and pump-excellent wear-resistance.
  3. User-friendly-easy operation and maintenance.
  4. Various options for different application.


  • Motor : 5 Hp
  • Working Pressure : 16 Kg/Cm2
  • F.A.D : 406 L/MIN
  • Tank Capacity : 237 Liter
  • Dimension : 1450x550x110 mm
  • Weight : 225 Kg
Air Compressor SWAN HVU205N

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