Air Compressor SWAN TW430

Air Compressor SWAN TW430 Equipped with two cylinders and water cooling mechanism to improve the compression efficiency, strengthen the load-resistant capability, and make the units safer and more durable. Low oil pressure and low water flow switches are fitted for protection.

Features of Air Compressor SWAN TW430 :

  • Cooling water flows through the water chamber of the cylinder to reduce operating temperature and extend working life, ideal for working in high ambient temperature.
  • Stationary installation to reduce vibration and therefore, ensure low noise and reliable running.
  • With enforced lubricating system to lube the moving parts properly and reduce the mechanical wears.
  • Equipped with oil alrert, water flow switch, overloading switch etc to ensure long operating life and durability.


  • Motor : 22 kW/ 30 Hp
  • Bore x Stroke x No. Of Cylinder : 140x127x4 mm
  • Working Pressure : 7 Kg/cm2.g
  • Capacity : 3.08 m3/min
  • Tank Capacity : 400 Liter
Air Compressor SWAN TW430

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