Clamp Sensor SANWA CL-22AD

DC/AC Current

  • R03X2 Length : 1.8m Battery life : approx. 70H
CL-22AD DC200A DC20A AC200A AC20A Applicable digital multimeter
Resolution 0.1A 0.01A 0.1A 0.01A PC7000 PC720M PC710 PC700 PC5000a PC510a PC500a PC773 PC20 RD701 RD700 CD772 CD771 CD770 CD750P CD731 a CD732
0.1A 0.01A 1A 0.1A
Core Diameter ø23mm
Size/Mass H179XW56XD26.5mm/approx.120g
Standard accessories included Carrying case ( C-CL ), Instruction manual
Output voltage : DC300mV/AC200mV ( 0-400Hz ) when measuring max. current at each range
Waveform measurement by oscilloscope is impractical

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