Jual Pompa CNP SZ Series

Jual Pompa CNP SZ Series

Definition of Model


SZ: Fluorin plastic centrifugal pump

50: Suction diameter ( mm )

32: Drainage diameter ( mm )

160: Nominal diameter ( mm ) of impeller


Structure feature

  • SZ pump has one impeller, axial suction and radical discharge.
  • has one impeller, axial suction and radical discharge.
  • Easy for pipe works, inlet and outlet are connected by standard flanges.
  • Wet parts are made of F26.F46, accessories are made of cast iron (HT200).


Typical application

  • Any concentration of acid alkali, salty solution, strong oxidants, organic solvent etc. Strongly corrosive medium.
  • Petrol, chemical, pesticide, acid cleaning, dying, paper making, galvanization, etc.


Operation conditions

  • Thin medium not containing grain or fiber.
  • Medium temperature: -200C – 1200C
  • Medium density:  Max 1.35 x 103kg/m3
  • Ambient temperature: Max + 400C
  • Altitude: Max 1000m
  • Pressure: Max 10 bar



  • TEFC motor, 2 pole
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Insulation level: CLASS F
  • Standard voltage: 50Hz, 3 x 380V


Curve conditions

  • Curves tolerance is according to ISO9906, Annex A
  • All curves are based on the measured value of constant motor speed 2900rpm, 50Hz, 3 x 380V.
  • The measurements were made with airless water at  temperature of 200C . The curves apply to a kinematic viscosity of 1mm2/s ( 1 cst )
  • It is suggested to operate the pump in the scope of the bold curve, to prevent motor from overload.
  • When pumping liquids with a density higher than that of the operation conditions, use motors with correspondingly higher outputs.


Performance curve

  • Q/H: means the curve of the flow and head at the nominal rotating speed.
  • Power curve: P2 means the pump input power, if the medium density is 1 x 103kg/m3
  • Efficient curve: Eta means the pump efficient.


Installation conditions

  • When installation, please make sure the pump would not be effected by the pipeline force when pump operation.
  • The pump should be strongly fixed on the horizontal base.
  • In order to make motor work well, pump should be installed on the frozen-free and ventilate place.
  • The electric protection devices should protect pump from being damaged by phase lack, unstable voltage, electric leakage, overload.


Jual Pompa CNP SZ Series

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