Cut off Machines STIHL TS700

Cut off Machines STIHL TS700 is the powerhouse of the STIHL line. Designed for superior handling during the toughest jobs, this machine features a powerful, high speed engine, large fuel capacity, five point dual element vibration control system built right into the handle and a semi automatic belt tensioner with an innovative ribbed belt. Its X2 filtration system is low maintenance and cleans airflow with nearly 100 percent efficiency, reducing downtime for filter maintenance. Each component on this machine was meticulously engineered with demanding professionals in mind.

Cut off Machines STIHL TS700

Specification Cut off Machines STIHL TS700 :

  • Engine : 2 Tak
  • Cylinder displacement : 98.5 cc
  • Power Output : 5.0 kW ( 6.8 bhp )
  • Ignition system : Electronic
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 1.2 L
  • Fuel : Bensin campur Oli 2 T
  • F. Mix Ratio : 1 L Oli : 50 L Bensin
  • Engine Weight : 11.6  kg
  • Enginr Speed : 9300 rpm
  • Maximum spindle speed : 5350 rpm
  • Cutting Wheel Diameter : 350 mm
  • Cutting depth : 125 mm

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