Declutchable Wormgear Manual Override


ISO5211 Compliant upper and lower mounting patterns

ISO5211 Compliant upper male square drive provide direct mount to ISO compliant actuators without adapters. and female “ double square ” lower drive provide direct mount to ISO compliant valves.

Dual position limit stops

External lube fitting

Roller thrust bearings on worm gear for improve efficiency


Material of Construction

Model : MO30-MO310

Cover : Cast Iron

Body : Cast Iron

Drive Gear : Ductile Iron

Gear Cover : Cast Iron

Upper Male Square Stem : Carbon Steel

Handwheel Shaft : Carbon Steel with Chrome Plated

Handwheel : Plated Carbon Steel

Position Lock Assy : Plated Carbon Steel

Position Lever Assy : Plated Carbon Steel

Cover Bolts : Carbon Steel with Zinc Plated

Limit Stops : Stainless Steel

Gear Cover Bolts : Carbon Steel with Zinc Plated

Shaft Bushings : Carbon Steel

Grease Fitting : Brass

Nameplate : Aluminium

O-Rings : NBR(Buna-N)


Performance Data of MOA Series Aluminum Alloy Body :

Model : MOA30

Gear Ratio : 40:1

Mechanical Efficiency(%) : 8.6

Max. Output Torque (Nm) : 300

Weight (kg) : 2.7

DoubleActing Actuator Model : NKD063~NKD105

Single Acting Weight (kg) Actuator Model : NKS063~NKS125



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