Dehumidifier Chkawai DH 252B

Dehumidifier Chkawai DH 252B.

Features :

  • Defrost automatically when the ambient temperature is below 18 deg. C
  • Ultra – thin design, with film on the pearl surface
  • Non – touch point water switch warns automatically when the tank is full
  • It can be put in bathrooms its drying function, with two dry modes drying clothes by simulating natural wind
  • Highly – integrated intelligent digitized electric circuit fulfills the automatic humidity control
  • External drainage pipe drains off water continuously
  • Four casters
Dehumidifier Chkawai DH 252B

Specification of Dehumidifier Chkawai DH 252B :

Voltage/ cycle220V/ 50 Hz
Power Input500 W
CoolantR22 / R407C
Adopt Place (m2)25 – 40
Dehumidifying capacity25 L/ D (30 C, 80% RH)
Water tank3.3 kg
Dimension 366 mm x 297 mm x 635 mm
Net weight21 kg

We also supply Air cleaner Electronic Honeywell F57A and F57B for removes airborne contaminants such as tobacco smoke and dust from the air circulated through the F57.

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