Dosing Pump EMEC WDPHCLS has been created by EMEC to provide a complete and small-sized solution for swimming pool water treatment. WDPHCL systems are all-in-one, compact instruments which integrate two dosing pumps and a control instrument into a single, easy to use, highly precise system.

WDPHCLS systems can measure pH and another parameter thet depends on the chosen model: chlorine, bromine, redox, antialgae, flocculant, active oxigen. a wide range of products for the highest flexibility.

WDPHCLS PER: Rediable and Noiseless

WDPHCLS proportional dosing systems in the vertions with peristaltic dosing pumps (WDPHCLS PER) are the best solution to be intalled where silent operation and high reliability are required, like in spa and wellness facilities.

The integrated peristaltic pumps are indeed the most suitable for micro-dosing needs with lower pressure, ensuring at the same time an adsolutely constant and accurate flow rate. Moreover, peristaltic pumps promise to have low power consumption thanks to low voltage.

Complete Control, Even Remotely

A clear reading of data and easy browsing through function menus are made simple by a wide backlit LCD display and by the “ENCODER” control knob, in order to quickly program the working modes you need, to set alarms and to manage outputs.

You can also remotely control WPDHCLS systems from any smartphone or PC with EMEC exclusive online system ERMES, so to keep the status of your plant always under control whereever you are.


Proportional controller with 1 dosing pump driven by internal built-in pH and Chlorine/Bromine meter. Output: (SCHUKO plug) for sterilisers or CI/Br feeders. Liquid ends and pump head made of PVDF.

Also available with peristaltic pumps (WDPHCLS PER).

Measurement range:
From 0 to 14 pH
From 0 to 10 mg/I Cl2 / Br2


  • Model : WDPHCLS
5 bar1 l/h
3 bar10 l/h
1 bar3 l/h

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