Flostar M Itron DN 65

Flostar M Itron DN 65 have Features and Benefits : 

  • Low flow accuracy
  • Peak flow capacity
  • Highly engineered materials
  • Single Jet Class C
  • Hermetically sealed register (coppercan/mineral  glass envelope)
  • Patended ball pivot
  • Patended turbine levitation

Wide Measuring Range

  • Flostar M is a single jet meter available in sizes from DN 40 to DN 150.
  • Its metrological performances far exceed ISO/EEC Class C standards
  • Its low accuracy range combined with significant peak flow capacity ensure complete and efficient measurement whatever the faced flow-rates


Flostar M Itron DN 65 features a direct magnetic transmission between the turbine and the register without any intermediate gearing in the metered water

This results in a very robust and reliable design able to withstand most types of potable water environments

Ease of read in the toughest humid environtments is secured by hermetically sealed IP68 register (copper can/mineral glass envelope)

Simple and effective

Simple but highly engineered materials and design enable a very long durability and the best performances for water metering

Endurances and Peak Resistance

Performance over time is a key requirement for efficient billing. Flostar M features a patended turbine ball pivoting enhancing endurance at low flow-rates. Hydrodynamic balance and turbine design bring resistance at high and peak flows.



Flostar M is a single jet meter. The water jet is canalized by an injector before hitting the turbine. The single jet tapered injecor straightens the flow profile. Its large bore area prevents meter overspeed by clogging.

The high precision design of the inlet :

1. allows Flostar M to meet best accuracy without the need for any bypass or calibration vane adjustment system. The turbine movement is directly transmitted to the extra dry register through a magnetic coupling 2. without the need for any intermediate gearing in the metered water. This allows Flostar M to conserve its initial accuracy over time, under the most demanding service conditions of potable water networks. High quality material for the turbine bearings and patended ball pivot 3. design allows detection of leakages initially and over time regardless of the flow profiles. The hermetically sealed copper can/mineral glass enveloppe of the IP68 register 4. is safeguarding the read and integrity of the indicator in the toughest environments (flooded pits, mechanical tampering attempts,)




Flostar M is Supplied pre-equipped with Cyble Target.

Allows communication and remote reading through :

  • Pulse output (Cyble sensor)
  • M-bus protocol (Cyble M-bus)
  • Radio frequency wireless link (Cyble RF)

These cyble modules allow the FLostar M meter to be connected with various associated systems like our supervision system WaterMind. They are particularly adapted to commercial and industrial applications where a need for frequent meter monitoring is expressed especially in hard-to-real locations.

Key Advantages of Cyble Technology.

  • No need for additional investment on the meter to implement remote reading
  • Itron standarized meter interface, irrespective of meter technology and widely spread on Itron water meters range
  • Reliability brought by electronic switch (no wear or bouncing)
  • Reverse flow management
  • Principle proven on the field with a 25 years experience
  • Pre-equipment being immune to magnetic tampering



  • Nominal diameter (DN) : 65 mm
  • Minimal flowrate (Q1) : ≥ 127 l/h
  • Transition flowrate (Q2) : ≥ 203 l/h
  • Permanent flow rate (Q3) : 40 m³/h
  • Overload flow rate (Q4) : 50 m³/h
  • Dynamic (Q3/Q1) : ≤ 400
  • Standar ratio (Q3/Q1) : 315
  • Q2/Q1 : 1.6
  • Accuracy class : 2
  • Temperature class : T50 derajad celcius
  • Maximum Admissible Pressure : 16 bar
  • Orientation : Horizontal
  • Indicating range : 999999 m³
  • Verification scale interval : 0.5 L
  • Climatic influence class : +5 derajad celcius ; +55 derajad celcius
  • Starting flow : 35 l/h
  • Accuracy ± 2% from : 120 l/h
  • Accuracy ± 5% from : 100 l/h
  • Admissible peak flow (2 hrs. max.) : 60 m³/h
  • Maximum temperature for short period : 60 derajad celcius
  • Maximum admissible pressure : 20 bar
  • Cyble HF pulse weight : 10 L
Flostar M Itron DN 65

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