Flow Meter Limbah SHM 6 Inch

Flow Meter Limbah SHM 6 Inch  is Analog/ Mechanical Flow Meter for Water & Waste water is an epoxy coated cast iron, it has great flow rate measure and resistant from many light chemical and corrosion.  It can be used for remote reading transmission system as equipped with built-in  sensor (optional) and with data logger, it can record for last six months logs.


Flow Meter Limbah SHM 6 Inch can be used for :

  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) ie. Hospital, Hotel, Industrial, Mall, Residential, Palm Oil, etc.
  • Raw water, sludge water and many others
  • Inlet and Outlet Water Treatment
  • Best suited for pump system and high flow rate


  1. Easy installation and maintenance
  2. Dry dial, Magnetic drive
  3. High Bypass and very low head loss
  4. Glass vacuum sealed register, free from condensation and remain clear for long term
  5. Working temperature 0.1-50°C for cold water and 0.1-90°C for hot water
  6. Max. Pressure : 16 Bar. Max. Error : +/_2%
  7. Protection Grade : IP 68
  8. ISO 9001 & ISO 4064
  9. Warranty 2 years (Full service and spare parts)

Technical Specifications

Size (DN) : 150, 6 Inch, (150 mm)

Max. Flow QMax : 300 m³/hour

Continues Flow QN : 150 m³/hour

Transitional Flow QT : 30 m³/hour

Min Flow QMin : 4.5 m³/hour

Length (L) : 300 mm

High (H) : 341 mm

Connection Flange : Outside Diameter (D1) 285, Bolt inner Diameter (D2) 240

Weights : 32 Kg

Flow Meter Limbah SHM 6 Inch

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