Flow Meter SATAM ZCE 6-80

Metering system for truck and railcar loading

Model : ZCE 6-80

ZCE 6 horizontal metering unit is designed for truck and train tankers loading stations in a top or bottom configuration.

ZCE 6 space-saving configuration enables easy installation in smaller facilities and in compact pipeline network


Sectors of application

  • Tanker trucks and railcars loading applications
  • Preparation of bio-fuels by means of online or batch blending
  • Measurement of white products and bio-fuels

High reliability measuring system

Ready-made technology ZCE 6 horizontal measuring systems are completely assembled, wired and tested in the production facility in order to ensure a maximum reliability.

Measurement stability and accuracy Measurement accuracy guaranteed over a period of many years without any deviation in the calibration curve.

Modular design
Extensive line of accessories to create customized measurement applications


Key points

Low installation costs

Complete and ready-to-install measuring unit including strainer, air eliminator, PD meter, valve and register

Low maintenance costs

Simple and robust construction with minimal moving parts Interchangeable mechanical components.

Space-saving installation

Compact metering unit for installation in smaller areas and in vertical pipeline networks.

A safe and easy-to-use technology

Automatic gas elimination system to start loading operation with empty pipe. Filtering system with automatic clogging detection (option).


Direct communication with supervisory system with the electronic register version.


Technical data – Horizontal metering system

Measuring system : ZCE 6-80

Maximum flow rate m3/h – L/mn – USGPM : 80 – 1333 – 360

Application : Tanker truck and rail car loading application, product transfert

Measured parameters : Actual volume, temperature-corrected volume*, mass*, flow rate**, temperature* (* : only for electronic register version, ** : option for mechanical register version)

Measured liquids : Petrol, premium fuels, diesel, E5…E85, bio-diesel, ethanol, methanol, kerosene, fatty acid methyl ester, oils


Strainer – Gas elimination device : EC 31 (50 to 450 μ filtering (270 to 40 Mesh) depending on the liquid Gas release controlled by float and differential valve)

PD meter : ZC 17-80

Temperature measurement : 4-wire Pt100 (option for electronic calculator version)

Multi-function valve : Small and large flow, authorisation, flow limitation

Flow register : Mechanical register model VR with pre set*, printer*, pulser* (* : option) or Equalis flow computer with display, secure archiving of transactions

Operating conditions :

Pressure : 10 bar max.

Viscosity : 20 cSt max. – Contact us about higher viscosities

Liquid temperature : -10 to +80 °C

Ambient temperature : Standard: -25 to +55 °C ; Option -40 to +55 °C

Metrological performances

Accuracy : ≤ 0.15 % – Option ≤ 0.1 % – for measurement range of 10 : 1

Repeatability : ≤ 0.02 %

Temperature accuracy : ≤ 0.5 °C

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