Gas Detector MSA Galaxy®

The multifunctional GALAXY provides simple but intelligent testing and calibration of MSA portable gas detectors, e.g. SOLARIS, SIRIUS and ORION.
This easy-to-use Automated Test Stand offers high performance from a stand-alone unit to a multiunit system linked to a PC. Since all wiring and tubing is preconnected with in each GALAXY Test stand and optional cylinder holder [patent pending] the required workspace is kept to a mini mum. Once the gas detector is placed in the GALAXY it will be tested, calibrated and/or charged without the touch of a single button.

Over 1,000 individual test records can be stored on an industry standard flash card. An optional wired or wireless connection is also available

Basis Standalone Kit100618521006187510061887
Basic System
Standard Standalone Kits [ Includes Regulator ]
Standard system 100618541006187710061889
Standard System + Charging, Cylinder Holder 100618551006187810061890
Smart standalone Kits [Includes Regulator, Memory Card]
Smart System10061856 10061879 10061891
Smart System + Charging, Cylinder Holder100618581006188010061892
Portable Kits [Includes Regulator, Battery Pack]
Portable System100618601006188110061893
Portable System, Memory Card, Cylinder Holder100618591006188210061894
Network Kits [Includes Regulator, Wired Ethernet Access]
Wired Network System100618711006188310061895
Wired Network System + Charging, Cylinder Holder100618721006188410061896
Network Kits [Includes Regulator, Wireless 802.11b Access]
Wireless Network System100618711006188510062288
Wireless Network System + Charging, Cylinder Holder100618741006188610062289
Leaflet 08-530.2

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