Grease Pump Yamada EPL-100

The EPL-100 is an electrically powered grease lubricator specially design for use on heavy construction machinery. It is powered by the internal AC 100V batteries standard in most heavy vehicles.

The EPL-100 is compact, sturdy and provides maximum portability on any work site especially where there are no other readily available power sources. It will fit on to standard 18 liter grease pails. It has a high discharge pressure and is capable of pumping grease of various viscosities. A variety accessories are available including different length hoses, power cords, reels and metering devices. This pump is very efficient and a good option for any worksite. AC100V powered version is also available.


  • Model No = 880899
  • Model = EPL-100
  • Container = 16 or 18 kg PAIL
  • Power Source = AC100V, 200W, 1-3A
  • Max free Flow = 190 ml/min
  • Max Output Presssure = 28 MPa ( 280kgf/cm )
  • Accessories = 852164 HPG-G13 H.P. Grease Dispense Valve
    695034 SKR-2.5M H.P Grease Hose 1/4×2.5M
    803085 Follower Plate
    802493 Power Cord 5M
  • Net Weight = 13 kg
  • Measurement = 0.0494

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