Grinder Pumps HCP 50GF22.2

Grinder Pumps HCP 50GF22.2 use for :

  • Used un pressure sewage system
  • Drainage of wastewater from individual residence, apartment, buildings, recreational developments, motels.
  • Transferring wastewater of commercial buildings, industrial plants, wastewater sampling, small hospitals.
  • Schools, federal, state and local parks, wastewater drainage
  • To transfer various wastewater and sewage.

FEATURES Grinder Pumps HCP 50GF22.2 :

  • Standard accessories include : epoxy resin cable base, dry motor, double mechanical seal, auto-cut protection, double ball bearing support shaft and rotor.
  • Vortex impeller design prevents clogging by cutting up articles.
  • Radial utter and cutter ring SUS440C : corrosion resistant material, hardened to 55-60 Rockwell C
  • Specific single phase design for starting torque, and its torque is five times stronger than General capacitor pump. The impeller can prevent from clogging when grinding the objectives.
  • 32GF21.5/22.2 DN 40 model horizontal casing (No. 90 derajad Elbow set available)
  • HCP grinder pump single phase equipped with Centrifugal switch and capacitor motor design to provide extreme high torque starting, and offering 5 times higher torque than average capacitor starting motor.


Model GF
Discharge (mm) 32• 50
Limits of Use Liquid Temp. 0 ~ 40°C (32 ~ 104°F)
Applications Residential wastewater
Submersion Depth 32m (100 feet)
Limits of Use Frequency 50 Hz
Motor 2 P (3000 RPM) •Dry Motor
Insulation Class B (1.3~3HP) • Class F (5HP)
Protection IP68
Protector Auto-Cut
Bearing Ball Type
M. seal Double M. Seal
Impeller Semi-open
Material Upper Cover FC-200
Motor Frame FC-200
Shaft End SUS403
M. seal Upper : Carbon/Ceramic Lower : Silicon/silicon
Radial Cutter SUS440C
Casing FC-200
Impeller FC-200
Cable VCT or H07RN-F or SJOW/SOW


Model : 50GF23.7

HP (kW) : 5 (3.7)

Discharge Inch (mm) : 2″ (50)

Phase : 3

Start Method : Direct

Head : 26 m

Capacity : 0.2 m³/min

Capacity : 12 m³/h

Weight 3 ø : 53 kg

Grinder Pumps HCP 50GF22.2

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