Harga Flow Meter Tokico 15 mm

Harga Flow Meter Tokico 15 mm FGBB423BAL-02X are positive displacement type flow meter which are used in a wide variety of applications including measuring of boiler fuel oil and diesel oil, as well as for transactions for kerosene, light oil and heavy oil.

FGB Type

This flowmeter employs a gear-type rotor for small volume flow 0f low viscosity oil in heat control applications, etc. It can be used without modification to measure kerosene, light oil or heavy oil. Measuring accuracy is ±0.5%.


Features :

  • Wide flow range and high accuracy

The accuracy of these flowmeters is within ±0.5% over a wide range of flow rates (max range of 1 : 150 for heavy oil)

  • Small pressure loss

Because the pressure loss of these meters is low, it is possible to perform accurate measuring at the suction side of a pump as well as accurate measurement of high viscosity fluids.

  • Compact Design

A positive displacement type flowmeter can be used at relatively high rotating speeds, making for compact design. In addition, the counter unit of these meters is compact yet easy-to-read, and construction is simple.

  • Excellent durability

The simple construction of these meters makes for longterm durability with virtually no degradation of accuracy

  • An electrical transmitter Unit attachable

A microswitch or a reed switch type transmitter unit having simple construction and high reliability is available.


Specification Product:

Model : FGB Type

Bore : 15 mm

Model No. Direct-reading integrating type : FGBB423BAL-00X/02X

Accuracy : ±0.5%

Max. Working pressure : 10kgf/cm²

Hydraulic test pressure : 20kgf/cm²

Max. working temperature :

50°C for kerosene and light oil (100°C with the FGB type)

100°C for heavy oil (120°C with the FGB-00X and FGB-02X types)

Flange rating : JIS 10kgf/cm²FF

Material Body : Cast iron (FC25)

Material rotor : FGB Type : Resin

Counter Unit : Integrating pointer and integrating counter ( a reset counter is also available)

Electrical Transmitter Unit

Transmitter : FGB Type : Reed Switch (S)

Power Supply : AC100V 50/60 Hz as standard

Number of Pulse : 0~5 PPS

Output signal : ON-OFF contact

Transmission cable : 2-wire cable with cabtype

Kerosene, Light Oil : 10~200

A heavy Oil : 5~200


Harga Flow Meter Tokico 15 mm

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