Horizontal Detachable Woltman Water Meter DKFLO LXLC-40 300E


To measure the amount of cold water flowing through the water pipe for household or a resident ur


Features :

  1. Dry magnetic structure, to ensure that the counter clean, clear display.
  2. Six – digit increased character wheels display readings, reading more clearly
  3. Removable measuring movement structure, easy maintenance.
  4. The measured flow direction is axial flow, circulation ability, small pressureloss, wide range, large water consumption, suitable for relatively stable flow conditions used.
  5. High wear-resistant bearing system ( gemstone bearing for aeronautical instumentation + hogh wear-resistant carbide shaft ) ensures long-term product stability and reliability, significantly increasing product maximum flow.
  6. Using stainless steel fasteners and epoxy resin powder to spray inside and outside the sheii, maxumumly prevent from rust, extend product life.
  7. Optional tamper protection cover. ( to prevent users to open the movement, destroy or change the measurement mechanism, has the maximum anti-theft effect.



Remote device that can be configured with two kinds of pulse signal output :

1. Magnetic information pulse output signal.


Use condition :

  • Temperature class : cold water meter – T30 hot water meter – T30/90
  • Water pressure rating : MAP10 ( MAP16 for option )
  • Technical parameters meets GB/T778.1 – 3 – 2007 ( ISO 4064-1-3:2005IDT )

The Maximum allowable errors : Low area : ± 5%  High area ±2%

Flow Error Curve


Pressure Loss Curve



Note : The flange dimension conforms to ISO7005-2: 1988 standard. Order for products of special requirements is also accepted


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