JYWQ Series Automatic stir submersible sewage pump GIN

Produit instruction :

JYWQ, JPWQ series automatic stir sewage pump is on the basis of modifications sewage pump that use automatic mixing device, the device with the motor shaft rotation, produce a strong mixing power, stir the sediments in sewage tanks into suspended solids and inhale to pump and discharge, Improve the anti-blocking and drainage capacity to complete drainage, clean up, remove silt, saving the cost of running, it is an obvious advanced and practical environmentally-friendly product.



1. Factories, commercial waste water emissions.

2. Urban sewage treatment plants, hospitals, hotels drainage system.

3. Residential sewage treatment station.

4. The pumping station of Civil air defense system, water supply installations of waterworks.

5. Municipal engineering, construction sites.

6. Exploration, mining, power plants, matching attached machine.

7. Rural biogas digesters , irrigation, pood dredging.


Work conditions:

1. Medium temperature does not exceed 60°C, medium degrees 1-1.3 kg/dm³PH in the 4-10 range.

2. 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel is applicable to a variety of corrosive media.


Note: If the user has a special medium, temperature and other requirements, please specify when ordering transmission medium details. To enable our company to provide more consistent use of the product.


JYWQ modifications automatic stir the sewage pump

JYWQ with stainless steel jacket circulating cooling system automatically stir the sewage pump


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