LUTRON TM-939 Infrared Thermometer

Detail LUTRON TM-939 Infrared Thermometer

Features :

  1. -20C  to 650C  wide range IR temperature measurement
  2. Infrared thermometer, non-contact temperature measurement, -20C  to 650C (4F  to 1202F), precision for none contact temperature measurement
  3. Emissivity adjustment for IR thermometer
  4. Laser guide for IR thermometer
  5. 2 in 1, infrared thermometer + thermocouple (Tyoe K/J/T/E/R) thermometer
  6. Thermocouple probe accepts 5 diffrent types : Type K, Type J, Type T, Type E, Type R
  7. Microcomputer circuit with high performance
  8. Build in C & F select button on the front panel
  9. Data hold function for stored the desired vallue on display
  10. Memory function to record the maximun and minimum reading with recall
  11. Build the REL button, useful for relative measurement
  12. Sensor select button on the front panel easy to change different type probe
  13. RS 232 data outout, easy cooperate with computer
  14. Optional data acquisition software for data record
  15. Auto power shut off saves battery life
  16. Built-in low battery indicator
  17. Heavy duty and compact housing case with stand
  18. 006P DC 9V battery power supply

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