MCKARLEN Pump SMP 30 is Self priming centrifugal electric pumps with built in high capacity pre filter. Motor completely isolated from the water.

Extremely quiet and highly reliable developed for water circulation and filtration in domestic and residential swimming pools. Also suitable for specific applications requiring handling of aggressive liquids in the fishing, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Fiberglass reinforced techno polymer diffuser & impeller designed to ensure total cover and insulation of the motor shaft from the pumped liquid.

Easy-Thread design makes strainer cover removal easy. No tools required, no loose parts, and no clamps.

Pump liquid : clean water, slightly dirty water, slightly aggressive water, or chlorine electrolysis treated water.

Liquid temperature : 50C to 600C / +400F to +1400F

HP range : 1 to 3 HP / 750 W to 2200 W

pH : 6 to 8

Rated speed : 2900 rpm

Insulation class : F class

Protection class : IP55

SMP-20 self-priming 2.5 M

SMP-30 self priming 2.5 M


Specifications Of MCKARLEN Pump SMP 30 :

  • Model : SMP 30
  • Output: 3Hp, 2.2 kW
  • Inlet : 2 “
  • Outlet : 2″
  • Max Flow : 520 LPM
  • Max Head : 20 M
  • Dimension ( L x W x H ) : 666x283x362 mm
  • Weight : 24.5 kg



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