Pneumatic Actuator NT Series

1. Pressure Range

  • 2 bar(29 psig) to 8 bar(116 psig) double acting
  • 3 bar(44 psig) to 8 bar(116 psig) spring return

2. Temperature Range

*Std.(NBR O-rings): -20℃(-4°F) to +80℃(+176°F)
*Lower Temp. (Silicone O-rings):
-40℃(-40゜F) to +80℃(+176゜F)
*High Temp. (Viton O-rings):
-15℃(+5゜F) to +150℃(+300゜F)
Note: Special grease is required for low and high temperature service condition

3. Wide Range Available

The actuator range consists of 14 sizes, with torques from 9Nm(80in.lbs) to 3,920Nm (34,660in.lbs) at 6 bar (87 psig) air supply.

4. Operating Media

Filtered dry or lubricated air for non-corrosive gas, water or light hydraulic oil. The maximum particle size must not exceed 30 microns.

5. Stroke Adjustment

0°and 90° with standard adjustment

6. Lubrication
All moving parts are factory lubricated for entire life cycle of actuator.

7. Construction
Twin piston rack and pinion actuator design, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.

8. Connections
Bottom drilling complies with ISO 5211/DIN 3337 to match valve. Interface for solenoid valve, shaft top end and top drilling for assembling accessories are in accordance with VDI/VDE-3845, NAMUR standard.

9. Inspection
Every actuator is hydraulically tested, certified and guaranteed for a minimum of 500,000 cycles


Features Pneumatic Actuators :

1. Indicator
A position indicator with Namur mounting is standard on all NUTORK pneumatic actuators for mounting accessories.

2. Pinion
The hardened alloy steel pinion is precision ground and Nickel plated (over 25um) in order to reduce friction, provide maximum wear resistance. Full conformance with the newest standards of ISO5211 & DIN3337. The dimensions can be
customized and as options, stainless steel and aluminium are also available.

3. Actuator Body
The aluminum extrusion is hard anodized(over 30um) to protect against wear and corrosion while reducing piston friction to the absolute minimum. Other options such as Nickel plating, PTFE and powder polyester painting are available.

4. End Caps
Epoxy coated(over 200um) die cast aluminum end caps provide maximum resistance against potentially corrosive elements. Other treatments such as Nickel plating & PTFE painting are available.

5. Pistons
The precisely-balanced and hard anodized treatment (over 30um)die cast aluminum pistons are fitted with high quality rings and guides. The twin rack and piston design creates a constant torque output on all actuators.

6. Travel Adjustment
The standard adjustment is ± 5゜in both the open and closed positions through easily accessible external adjustment bolts.

7. High Performance Springs
The high tensile steel springs are coated with zinc phosphate for corrosion resistance and longer service. The pre-loaded springs can be safely & rapidly disassembled

8. Bearings & Guides
The highly durable compound material provides high trust stability with minimum friction and long life.

9. O-Rings
NBR O-rings provide trouble-free operation at standard temperature ranges. Viton and Silicone O-rings are available for high or low temperature applications.

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