Pompa EMEC TMS MF Series

Pompa EMEC TMS MF Series, control system and accessories disigned specifically for the control and desinfection of swimming pool water meets a wide range for user needs, from private to public pools, from the most specific applications to the most complex systems.

Our wide choise of dosing pumps and control systems designed for swimming pools and our ability to offer customised solutions allows us to respond to any specific to installation need. In particular, the degree of automation of our all-in-one solutions lets us optimise the management of any plant, minimising the need for manual intervention and the consumption of disinfecting products and, at the same time, ensuring complete control even remotely .

Smart Systems

The POOLBRAVO integrated system has been disigned to offer an all-in-one solution that is easy to use ang highly accurate, able to minimize the need for manual intervention on swimming pool water and to reduce the consumption of chemical products. An elegant cover makes POOLBRAVO suitable for any installation context and, besides safeguarding from accidental liquid loss, preserves at the same time the cleanlines of the inner components and their integrity.

POOLBRAVO is turnkey product available in different configurations to immediately and easily manage the main measurement parameters concerning the treatment of swimming pool water, thus optimizing the dosing and consumption of the chemical products necessary for the compliance with chemical physical waters requirements.

Complete Control

The LD Multiple reading digital system inside POOLBRAVO gives you the complete control over the measurament parameters and over the dosing of chemicals, besides being easy to thanks to the LCD display and the ENCODER control knob that makes simple to browse through its configurations menus. Complete control also comes from the wide range of probes that can measures hydrogen peroxide, oxygen, bromine, chlorine, ozone, peracetic acid and chlorine dioxide. EMEC V series dosing pumps complete POOLBRAVO dosing system.

Flow Control

( constant, Divide, Multiply, PPM, Batch, Volth, mA, %, ml/q ), Stand-by* and flow sensor input*, alarm output** and level control.


  • Model : TMS MF Series.
4 bar20 l/h
3 bar30 l/h
1 bar50 l/h

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