Pompa Pulsa GLM7K*

Pompa Pulsa GLM7K* adalah pompa diafragma yang digerakkan secara mekanis, dirancang untuk dapat diandalkan kuat, efisien dan kompak. Ini fitur desain industri untuk bekerja di hampir semua aplikasi atau lingkungan. Jika anda mencari bahan kimia bernilai tinggi mentransfer atau dosis pompa metering dengan biaya kepemilikan yang rendah, GLM adalah pilihan yang luar biasa. Seri pompa terbaru ini dari pulsafeeder dapat menangani berbagai aliran dan memproses bahan kimia.

Features and Benefits

  • Gearbox
    – Compact and lighweight saves space and easy to handle.
    -Fully sealed, non-vented gearbox design prevents ingress of contaminants.
    – Oil bath gearbox allows for use in hazardous areas.
    – Oversized, shielded bearings for long life and reliability
    – Robust industrial hex-head SS hardware for proper torques.
  • Mounting Feet
    – Flat and solid uniform mounting feet extend outside of the gearbox for stability.
    – Oversized, slotted, mounting holes to accomodate various fasteners.
    – With motor installed, pump will not tip over prior installation.
  • Drive
    – Sealed upper worm bearing extends gear and motor life, reduces noise, and maximizes pump efficiencies by ensuring full torque output.
    – Motor flange drain path redirect liquids away from seal and eliminates pooling/resting on seal or motor shaft connection.
    – Non-metalic, never seize motor coupling prevents sticking or “welding of worm shaft to motor shaft allowing for ease of motor installation/removal.
    – Highly efficient, heavy duty drive train maximizies uptime and reduces total cost of ownership.
  • Oil Lubrication
    – Oil bath for normal or explosion proof areas-lubricates all internal moving parts to extend pump life.
    – Easy and accessible oil fill location obstruction free and visible.
  • Wet End & Connections
    – Standard materials: PVDF, PP, and 316SS
    – Stainless Steel hardware for added chemical resistance
    – Four volt tiebar (316LSS models only)
    – Multiple connection options; Tube NPT, ISO/BSPT (see pump model configurations for availability).
  • Leak Free Head
    -Secure diaphragm sealing technology provides leak free service and chemical containment.
    – Secondary o-ring seal offers worry free valve sealing and eliminates chemical spray.
    – Retention plate ensures pressure containment (Hydrostatic and creep elimination) and allows for proper head bolt torque without loosening ove time.
  • Diaphragm
    – Flat mechanically actuated diaphragm delivers reliable pumping action and long life.
    – Double sided PTFE coated composite diaphragm maximizies chemical resistance and diaphragm lubrication.
    – Multiple diaphragm sealing beads prevent leakage in industrial applications.
  • Check Valve
    – Patent pending spherical uniform velocity valving, limited turbulence superior solids handling, and auto-flushing; flow is routed evenly without cavitation concern.
    – There piece elf contained replacement assemblies..
    – O-ring valve seat (soft seat) for improved priming, less noise and better solids/slurry handling (not available in 316LSS configurations).
  • Servicing
    – Toolles valve removal for simple servicing.
    – Multiple KOPkit options for simple maintenance and extended pump life.
    – Easy oil fill and drain.
    – Oil sight glass for fast inspection of oil and operation.
    – Ease of maintenance common hardware, no special tools required.
    – Never seize non-metalic motor coupling for fast disconnect.

Flow & Pressure Ratings

  • Model : GLM7K*
  • 50 Hz
    – Pressure : 5 bar
    – Flow : 845 gph (3200 lph)
    – SPM : 173
  • HP (kW) Required : 1.5 (1.1)
  • Connection size : 1.5″ FNPT (316LSS Models) or ANSI 1.5″ Flange with 1.5″ FNPT (Plastic Models Only)

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