Pompa Showfou SST 332

Pompa Showfou SST 332 submersible non clog sewage pump, equipped with silicon carbide mechanical seal. The single blade semi open non clogging impeller with advanced shredder mechanism which is designed to destroy the sewage solid by tearing, breaking and ripping them to pieces.

Application :

Pompa Showfou SST 332 ideal for sewage, industrial and ground water drainage installation in the following fields.

  • Waste water treatment plants
    – Sewage pumping stations.
    – Sewage treatment plants
    – Septic tanks
    – Collecting and setting sumps
    – Flood and emergency
  • Residential Sites
    – Residential houses
    – Flats and apartment.
  • Commercial Sites
    – Restaurant and shops
    – Market
    – Hospitals
    – Laundries
    – Stations
    – Theaters
    – Garages
  • Industrial Sites
    – Mills and factories for pumping dirty water
    – Industrial buildings
    – Water Purification plants

Features :

  • Impeller
    Hydrodynamically well balanced, single blade, semi-open, non-clogging type.
  • Mechanical seal
    Oil bath type, double mechanical seal with one separate oil seal to ensure a longer pump life.
  • Shredder mechanism
    Surface hardening heat treatment is done on impeller vanes and cutting edges, both of which are the main components of shredder mechanism
  • Compact and light weight
    Designed to be light, so easy to carry and handle.
  • Quiet
    Dynamic balance adjuster enables pump to run evenly with less noise
  • Economical
    Long runnable with little maintenance cost

Specification :

  • Type : SST 332D
  • Power : 3hp 2.2 kw
  • phase : 3 phase
  • Discharger : 4 inch 100 mm
  • Max. head : 18 m
  • Max. flow : 0.90 m3/min
  • Solid passage : 28 mm
Pompa Showfou SST 332

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