Portable Gas Detection MSA SIRIUS®

The SIRIUS PID [ Photo lonisation Detector ] combines incredible performance, versatility, and ease of use in one instrument. Designed as a versatile PID for measuring volatile organic compounds [VOCs], SIRIUS can be configured with up to four additional sensors: combustible gas, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulphide. Easily operated with one hand, it is an ideal measuring instrument as well as a personal , monitor for a wide range of applications.

ATEX II 2G EEx ib d IIC T3/T4
MED 96/98/EC
EN 50014-20, EN 50104, EN 61779, EN 50271

10064026 SIRIUS, Ex/Ox, H2S, PID, Li-ion
10064025 SIRIUS, Ex/Ox, CO, PID, Li-ion
10064024 SIRIUS, Ex/Ox, CO, H2S, PID, Li-ion
10064031 SIRIUS Datalogging, Ex/Ox, H2S, PID, Li-ion.
10064032 SIRIUS Datalogging Ex/Ox CO, PID, Li-ion
10064033 SIRIUS Datalogging, Ex/Ox, CO, H2S, PID, Li-ion.
Leaflet 08-180.2 GB

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