SANWA Analog type KIT-8D

Learning kit designed for measurement of small capacity electric circuits

  • Drop shock proof taut-band meter
  • Battery check
  • Meter zero adjuster
  • Zero Ω adjuster
  • Protective body cover
KIT-8D Measuring Range Accuracy
DCV 0.3/3/12/30/120/300/600V ( 20k Ω/V ) ±3% of full scale
ACV 12/30/120/300/600V ( 9k Ω/V ) ±4% of full scale
DCA 60 µ /3m/30m/0.3A ±3% of full scale
Resistance 20/200/20k Ω ±3% of arc
Battery check 1.5V
Bandwidth 50 or 60Hz ( sine wave )
Battery UM-3 ( 1.5V )X2
Fuse ø 5.2 X 20mm ( 250V/0.5A )
Size/Mass H159.5XW129XD41.5mm/approx.320g
Standard accessories included Instruction manuals

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