SHM Prepaid Water Meter


SHM Prepaid water meter is breakthrough in paid water system method. Using radio Frequency IC Card to paid first before use. Automatically stopping water supply when balance in zero. Effective control and supervision, minimize loss.



  • Residential
  • Any fields that need water monitoring system



  • Non contact ID Card Technology. Wireless data trans mission is used to solve the problem of waterproof, moisture proof and anti attack.
  • Micro power Technlogy. Power consumption is less then 0.5mA. Battery last for more than 6 years.
  • Electric Suspension Ball Valve Technology. Anti looking, Non-Foul Characteristics, low pressure loss, low power consumption, anti rust, anti blocking.
  • Automatic Valve Discharge. Anti Blocking, Anti Rust, Valve Timing automatically switch action.
  • Full Seal Design. All lines are sealed with epoxy resin, good sealing
  • Anti external-Magnetic Attack Technology. Valve automatically close when external magnetic attack occur.
  • Warranty 2 years (Full services and spare part)



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