STANDART Fire Fighting Pump

STANDART Fire Fighting Pump defines the installation requirements of the fixed pumps for fire protection. This standard is the most common and the most detailed standard in the world used for fire protection services.

The scope of NFPA 20 document include the selection of fire pumps, installation, acceptance tests and operation.

Most of the consultant companies related with fire protection system design are making their designes according to NFPA standards. Besides, insurance companies are not taking risk and reducing the policy costs, If the fire system is not designed according to NFPA standards and the fire pumps are not selected according to NFPA 20.


  • End suction, double suction, In-line or multi-stage pumps according to NFPA 20 can be used.
  • Electrical motor, diesel motor, jokey pump, suction and discharge collectors, electric panels, valves and other accessories are on the same common base plate.
  • Automatic and manual weekly test.


  • Discharge Flange : DN 40….DN 300 mm
  • Capacity : Up to 7000 GPM
  • Head : Up to 200 PSI
  • Speed : Up to 3000 rpm
  • Casing Pressure ( Pmax ) : 16-25 bar


  • Casing : Cast iron, ductile cast iron.
  • Impeller : Bronze
  • Shaft : Stainless Steel


  • EN ISO 9905, CE, GOST-R.
STANDART Fire Fighting Pump

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