Submersible Pump HCP AFG610

Submersible Pump HCP AFG610 use for Sand and gravel, coal plants, construction sites, Sludge, Silt removal.


  • Offering the highest in quality and performance with a international standard design.
  • Harden and abrasion resistant impeller with a 30 – 33 HRC Hardness. Abrasion resistant chrome steel wear ring equipped for model AF-610/615.
  • Equipped with harden ductile iron agitator with a hardness of 50-55 HRC to create a powerful stirring action to remove fine solids.

APPLICATION Of Submersible Pump HCP AFG610 :

  • Sand and gravel, coal plants, construction sites.
  • Sludge, Silt removal.
  • Agitates larger solids from the sump floor.



Model : AFG-610

Output HP (kW) : 10 ( 7.5 )

Discharge Inch (mm) : 6″ ( 100 )

Pole: 4

Phase : 3

Start Method : Direct

Standard: 10.5 M, 2.5 m³/min

Weight: 222 kg

Solid Passage : 54 mm

Width: 888 mm

Length: 449 mm

Height: 870 mm



Limits Of Use Liquid Temp. 0 – 40  0C
Applications Dewatering Fluid Contains Solid Sediment
Submersion Depth 30m
Type Frequency 50Hz   . 60Hz
Motor 4P   .  Dry Motor
Insulation Class F
Protection IP68
Protector Auto-cut  ( AFG-615 : MTS )
Bearing Ball Type
M. seal Double M. Seal
Impeller Enclosed-channel
Material Upper Cover FC-200
Motor Frame FC-200
Main Shaft SUS420J2
Impeller FC-200 + Heat Treatment
M seal Upper : Carbon/Ceramic
 lower : Silicon/Silicon
Casing FC-200
Agitator FCD-700 + Heat Treatment
Wear Ring AFG-610/615 : FC-200
Casing Cover AFG-55/75 : FC-200 + Heat Treatment
  AFG-610/615 : FC-200
Cable VCT or H07RN-F or SOW
( 10HP/230V:SJOW)
Optional Pump can be customized to fit specifications
Submersible Pump HCP AFG610

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