Submersible Pumps HCP IC410

Submersible Pumps HCP IC410 use for :

  • Aquiculture water supply and drainage
  • Water supply for agricultural irrigation systems and underground water pumping
  • Landscape, water feature and horticulture irrigation
  • Extraction of water from rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

FEATURES  Of Submersible Pumps HCP IC410 :

  • The internal die casting is treated with high solid painting, which can double the duration of anti-rusting, and extend the lifetime of the product.
  • Standard design, incorporating a dry motor with thermal auto-cut that prevents the motor from over heating, and a cast iron motor frame for a faster heat dissipation. As well as an abrasion resistant double mechanical seal and an additional oil seal.
  • Water cooled motor to ensure a long life in continuous and intermittent operation, with high efficiency and energy savings.
  • An exceptional High-lift and suction impeller design, which allow for dewatering of underground or circulating water applications.
  • For above or below surface water applications, the IC pump strainer can be easily removed and replaced with a check valve, which allows for dewatering up to max.  8m deep of underground water and water circulation applications. (W-Well Type)
  • New casing cover, with metric thread bolt hole that is easier for valve and adapter connection.
  • The Chrome Steel impeller has adopted for IC~32B~610, with Hardness of HRC 25~30, better anti-corrosion, and extend the product lifetime.


  • Model : IC-410
  • HP : 10 (7.5) kW
  • Discharge Inch : 4 Inch 100 mm
  • Phase : 3
  • Start Method : Direct
  • Head : 25 m
  • Capacity : 1 m³/min
  • Capacity : 60 m³/h
  • Solid Passage : 10 mm
  • Weight 3 ø : 80 kg


Discharge (mm) 80 • 100 • 150
Limit of Use Liquid Temp. 0 ~ 40° (32 ~ 140° F)
Applications Agriculture Irrigation
Aquiculture water  • River Water
Summersion Depth 30 m (100 feet)
Type Frequency 50 Hz
Motor 1/2 ~ 1 HP 2P (3000 RPM)  • Dry Motor
Insulation Class F (1 1/2 ~ 3 HP : Class B )
Protection IP68
Protector Auto-cut
Bearing Ball Type
M. Seal Double M. Seals
Impeller Enclosed-Channel
Material Outer Cover SUS304
Upper Cover FC-200
Motor Frame SUS304 (1.5 HP)  • FC-200 (2~ 10 HP)
Shaft End SUS304 (1.5 ~ 3 HP)  • SUS304 (5~ 10 HP)
M. Seal Upper : Carbon/Ceramic
Lower : Silicon/Silicon
Casing FC-200
Impeller Chrome Steel (IC-32B~IC-610) • Bronze (IC-215)
Cable VCT or H07RN-F or SJOW/SOW
Optional pumps can be customized to fit specifications
Submersible Pumps HCP IC410

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