Water Meters Woltman Powogaz with Vertical Rotor AXIS DN 50

For measuring the consumption of greater amounts of cold water with a temperature up to 30 °C on the maximum working pressure up to 16 bar (PN16). For installation at water intakes (drilled wells). Installation of water meter in the area where a vertical pipeline turns to horizontal pipeline, with the counter directed upwards. MK water meters in standard version are equipped with six-barrel counter (IP65, IP68 – optional) and painted cast-iron housing. Water meters are adapted to operation in the systems of remote data transfer (AMR).


Product features

  • Preequipped for installation of radio module for communication in the Wireless M-Bus and impulse module (not applicable to versions with NK, NO, NKO and NKOP transmitters)
  •  Wide measuring range
  • Low starting rate
  • Removable measuring panel
  • Double-sided rotor bearing
  • Easy reading of the water meter counter
  • Hermetic counter – IP68 on request ****)
  • Counter mechanism with blockade against multiple rotating, at rotation angle more than 360°
  • Readings reliability
  • On request possibility of another drilling

Technical Data

Measuring Range : 63

Nominal Diameter : DN 50 mm

Maximum Flow Rate Qmax : 31,25  m3/h

Maximum working flow rate : 25 m3/h

Transitional flow rate : 0,63 m3/h

Minimum Flow Rate : 0,40 m3/h

Starting Flow Rate : 0,1 m3/h

Counter Range : 1 000 000 m3

Scale Interval : 0,0005 m3


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