Booster Pump MCKARLEN S3

Specification Product

Liquid Temp : 0-800C

Max. Starting Current : 40A

Max Rated Current : 12A

Motor Rating : IP 67

Max. Pressure : 10kg/cm2



  • Self-star switch ( S3 ) is the advanced aqua control; device for the home and commercial environment.
  • Build in Aqua Intelligent Program ( AIP ) and handy maintenance design.
  • Easy installation with the accessories wrench with union design.
  • Different inlet selection for the Vertical and Horizontal suitable environment.
  • Aqua Intelligent Program ( AIP )
  • Motor dry run protection
  • Cycle detecting mode
  • Exercise Mode.



  • Automated water supply system
  • Gardening water and sprinkler system
  • Filtration System
  • To boost water up to building & water tank
  • Washing and cleaning
  • Water treatment
  • Temperature control
  • Pressure boosting


S3 – Constant Pressure

  • Controlled operation
  • Communication with the pump



  • Service was in mind during the development
  • No special service tools required
  • Spare parts in stok for quick delivery

S3 and Single Pump are designed to cover a wide variety of applications, ranging from small domestic installations to small industrial systems. The pumps are therefor e suitable for a wide diversity of pumping systems where the performance and material of the pump must meet specific demans.



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