Dioxide Generator EMEC LOTUS AIR

Dioxide Generator EMEC LOTUS AIR is a pressure less chlorine dioxide generator useful for those applications in which several injection points are required. Chlorine Dioxide is produced from diluted base chemicals: acid-chlorite process by Hydrochloric Acid (HCI 9%) and Sodium Chlorite (NaCIO 7,5% ).

Chlorine dioxide produced by LOTUS AIR is stocked into a tank and then dosed proportionally to the request. It can also be controlled remotely via the web application ERMES through a 2G/3G modem or a lan adapter, while Modbus is available as option. Its elegant cover preserves the cleanliness of the inner components and their integrity.

Max capacity: from 10 to 60 g/h


  • BATCH chlorine dioxide production
  • CIO dosing in proportional mode
  • Alarms: products, water, emptying
  • Water meter input
  • Stand-by input
  • Real time production data
  • Pumps and SEFL flow sensors monitoring
  • Service due date
  • ERMES communication
  • USB data log (option)
  • Ethernet module (option)
  • GSM internal modem (option)
  • MODBUS module (option)
  • WIFI module (option)
  • CIO concentration: 2 g/l
  • HCI (red), NaCIO (blue) and CIO (grey) metering pumps
  • MFKT/V multifunction valve as pressure, safety, anti-syphon and bleed.
  • Double chamber: reaction and storage.
  • ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) or fiber glass enclosure.
  • IP65 protection (NEMA4x) of LOTUS control instrument and pumps.
  • Wheel control for easy programming
  • Working temperature: 0-45C (32-110F)


Reaction at ambient pressure
Max capacity: 10 g/h – 30 g/h – 60 g/h

  • Multi-point injection
  • No emission
  • Diluted chemicals

Also available equipped with a CIO probe (SCL2 or SCL17) or a Redox PROBE (ERH), a probe holder and a filter.

LOTUS AIR with gas sensor detection.

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