GIN Pump ISG, ISW is jointly designed and developed by the scientific technicians of our company and other domestic water pump experts. It is shaped on excellent domestic hydraulic models, applies the performance parameter of IS Centrifugal pumps and skillfully built up based common vertical pump. The pump is also a new generation of ISC type and used as hot water, high temperature and corrosive chemical pump and oil pump according to different temperature and mediums.

This series pump features high energy saving, low noise and reliable performance etc., complies with JB/T53058-93 standard of the mechanic of China and designed and manufactured strictly according to ISO2858.


Main Application:

  1. ISG Vertical pipe centrifugal pump is used for the transportation of pure water and the liquids with their chemical and physical properties similar to water, and for industrial and urban water supply & discharge, pressurized water supply for high transportation, water spraying fire fighting water pressurization, long-distance water transportation, circulation pressurization for heating room, bath room and biller room, water supply for air-conditioners and refrigeration and supporting facilities etc. The operation temperature shall be <800C.
  2. ISG (GRG) vertical hot water ( high temperature ) circulation pump is widely used for high temperature water boosted circulation transportation in energy, metallurgical, chemical, textile, and paper making industries, hotels and restaurants and for the urban heating systems. IRG operation temperature shall be <1200C and GRG operation temperature shall be <2400C.
  3. IHG vertical chemical pipe pump is used for the transport of the corrosive liquids free of solid grains with their viscosities similar to water. It is used for oil, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, paper making, food pharmaceutics and synthetic fiber industries etc. The operation temperature is -200C-1200C.
  4. YG vertical pipe oil pump is used for the transport of the petrol products of gasoline, diesel and kerosene etc. The transported medium temperature shall be -200C-+1200C.

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