LUTRON TM-949 Infrared Thermometer

Detail LUTRON TM-949

Features :

  • -20C to 650C , wide range IR temperature measurement.
  • Infrared thermometer, non-contact temperature measurement,  -20C to 650C (-4F to 1202F)
  •  Emmisivity adjustment for IR thermometer
  • Laser guide for IR thermometer
  • Red laser target guide easy for the target indication
  • Microcomputer circuit with high perm\formance
  • Build in C and F select button on the front panel
  • Data hold function for stored the desired value on display
  • Build the REL button to record the maximun and minimun reading with recall
  • RS 232 data output, easy cooperate with computer
  • Optional data acquistion softwarwe for data record
  • Auto power shut off saves battery life
  • Built-in low battery indicator
  • Heavy duty and compact houcing case with stand
  • Operates from 006P DC 9V battery

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