Pneumatic Actuator NSF Series


Water Ingress

Protected O-Rings are fitted on bodies, caps and so on this ensure water ingress protected.

ISO Valve Mounting

The NSF Series actuators interface meets ISO standard,and meets the dimensional requirements of ISO defined for each torque range.

The shaft driven accessory interface conforms to NAMUR and is identical on all NSF Series models, allowing standardization of accessory mounting hardware and installation practices.

Wear Resistant
The guide rod and piston rod have an advanced surface treatment, which combined with self-lubricating bearings, provides superior wear resistance and extends the life of all sliding components.

High Efficiency

The piston rod and guide block connection superior surface finishes and self-lubricating bearings maximize input energy transfer directly to the valve stem, efficiency is further enhanced by the tension-loaded spring, minimizing radial loads on the piston rod.

Corrosion Resistant
The NSF series actuators incorporate over three stages of internal and external coatings to resist severe weather,chemical and petroleum environments. The inner surface of cylinder is coated by PTFE, enhanced corrosion resistant and self lubricating.

Modular Design

NSF series actuators have available, fieldserviceable drive, power, spring and override modules, the modules are removable, serviceable and interchangeable when mounted to the valve. Modules are available for seperated purchase to reduce spare parts inventory.

Safe Spring Module
To ensure the safety of personnel during installation and maintenance, the spring module has been designed so that it can only be removed from the power module with the spring in the fully extended position. This prevents accidental release of the spring force, protecting personnel from injury and the actuator from accidental damage.

General Application

Torque Outputs(guaranteed)
Double acting: 302~226,400Nm
Spring return end torques: 187~71753Nm

Operating Pressures
Pneumatic: 3~7 Bar
Hydraulic: 100 Bar (Over 100bar hydraulic pressure is available upon request)

Operating Temperatures:
Standard: -20°C~80°C
Low Temperature: -40°C~80°C
High Temperature: -20°C~150°C



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